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  1. 2017.07.31 [고전][공개] 쾌타지존(快打至尊; Super Fighter) 리마스터판 / 스트리트 카운트(Fatal Encounter)
  2. 2017.02.02 [공개] 메가맨 2.5D (Mega Man 2.5D) v1.0
  3. 2016.08.14 [고전] 하계 올림픽 (The Games: Summer Challenge)
  4. 2016.02.20 [동인] 분리수거 그녀
  5. 2015.09.20 [고전] 바이킹 소년 (Prophecy I - The Viking Child)
  6. 2015.05.20 [정보] 삼국지13 / 三國志13 / Sangokushi 13
  7. 2014.09.03 [정보] 필라스 오브 이터니티 (Pillars of Eternity)
  8. 2013.10.08 [고전] 스키 오어 다이 (Ski or Die) / 스키냐 죽음이냐
  9. 2013.10.08 [정보] 에코 더 돌핀 (Ecco the Dolphin / エコー・ザ・ドルフィン) / 돌고래 게임
  10. 2013.10.07 [고전] 왕가의 계곡 - 코나미 (King's Valley - KONAMI, 1985 / 王家の谷)
  11. 2013.10.07 [고전] 왕의 계곡 - 아프로만 (King's Valley)
  12. 2013.09.30 [고전] 프린세스 메이커 2 영문판 + 무삭제 패치 (Princess Maker 2)
  13. 2013.09.12 [고전] 삼국지 오델로 (삼국지 오셀로 / 三國志 오셀롯 / The Triple Intervention Othello)
  14. 2013.01.01 [정보/GOG] 콜 투 파워 2 (Call to Power II)
  15. 2013.01.01 [정보/GOG] 크론도의 배신자 (Betrayal at Krondor)
  16. 2013.01.01 [정보] 레고 배트맨 : 더 비디오게임 (Lego Batman : The Videogame)
  17. 2013.01.01 [정보] 레고 인디아나 존스 2 : 어드벤쳐 컨틴뉴 (Lego Indiana Jones 2 : The Adventure Continues)
  18. 2013.01.01 [정보] 레고 인디아나 존스 : 오리지날 어드벤쳐 (Lego Indiana Jones : The Original Adventures)
  19. 2013.01.01 [정보/GOG] 울티마 9 : 승천 (Ultima IX : Ascension)
  20. 2013.01.01 [정보] 데드 픽셀 (Dead Pixels)
  21. 2013.01.01 [정보] 트랜스크립티드 (Transcripted)
  22. 2013.01.01 [정보] 엘더스크롤 4 : 오블리비언 (The Elder Scrolls IV : Oblivion 5th Anniversary Edition)
  23. 2013.01.01 [정보/GOG] 블러드 레인 2 (BloodRayne 2)
  24. 2013.01.01 [정보] 드레이큰생 / 드라켄생 시리즈 (Drakensang : The Dark Eye Series)
  25. 2013.01.01 [정보] 사이라 (Saira 1.1.2)
  26. 2013.01.01 [정보] 더 퍼니셔 (The Punisher) / 응징자
  27. 2013.01.01 [정보] 번아웃 파라다이스 (Burnout Paradise)
  28. 2013.01.01 [정보] 레거시 오브 케인 : 디파이언스 (Legacy of Kain : Defiance)
  29. 2013.01.01 [정보] 트론 2.0 (Tron 2.0)
  30. 2013.01.01 [정보] 싱글즈 1,2 시리즈 (Singles 1,2)

Super Fighter Team이 최신 운영체제에 맞춰 새롭게 개발한 쾌타지존.

-오프 서머 2017 공식 경쟁작

Compatible with:

Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP

국내 발매명 '스트리트 카운트(Fatal Encounter, 영문제목은 또 왜 틀린지...)'로 당시 2HD 디스크 4장으로 SKC에서 정식 발매했다.

90년대 난립하던 스트리트파이터의 아류작들 가운데 하나이지만 독특한 캐릭터와 한국인 캐릭터(?)의 등장. 당시의 기준으로는 깔끔한 그래픽으로 나름 팬들을 모았던 게임이다.

필자의 기억으로는 마지막 3대 고수중 첫 번째 캐릭터인 위도우(Widow/Spider Woman)는 야한 차림새와 섹시한 모션으로 본토인 대만을 비롯한 일본에서까지 동인지가 등장하기도 했다. (현재 보유중)


하지만 이 게임은 원제 '쾌타지존'의 의미를 진지하게 되새겨 볼만한 야릇한 충돌판정, 미묘한 캐릭터 디자인, 모에요소의 원류, 삼류와 이류의 절묘함, 대만게임의 정석 등으로 다분히 컬트적인 요소의 보고로 매니아들에게는 절대적인 지지를 받으며 현재까지 회자되고 있는 게임이다. 

출처: http://rollingdice.tistory.com/83 [rollingdice]







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Mega Man 2.5D is a fangame developed by a small team of obsessive Mega Man fans. It began in 2009 as an animated proof-of-concept. This got a surprising amount of positive response, and because of this a couple of us got together with the goal of making a playable game out of it.


There are mainly two things that set Mega Man 2.5D apart from most other Mega Man games. The first is the co-op mode, where two players team up to take on Dr. Wily. The other is the use of camera perspective changes which is featured a lot in the single-player mode of the game.


오랜 기다림 끝에 드디어 정식판이 나왔습니다.






-무설치 버전 토렌트

Mega Man 2.5D 1.0 Installer Free.torrent

-설치 버전 토렌트

Mega Man 2.5D 1.0.torrent






- Added all of the remaining stages for the single-player and co-op modes (Tornado Man, Time Man, and Dr. Wily's fortress stages). These modes are now fully playable!

- Added a VS-mode with 8 different arenas/stages based on various Mega Man stages not seen in the single-player and co-op modes of the game. Two different VS-mode game types are available, Death Match and Point Chase.

- Added a Save/Load mechanic, it is now possible to save and load your progress in both single-player mode and co-op mode. The save slots are separate for each mode.

- Optimized the game engine a lot. The game now runs faster and should run at a stable 60fps on most rigs.

- Improved camera behavior for all stages in the game. Especially noticable in single-player mode where the camera doesn't scroll upwards as often when Mega Man jumps, unless it is necessary.

- Improved textures and fixed faulty texture mapping for all stages in the game.

- Improved the player physics. Now the small step (tippy toeing) that you can do when quickly pushing left or right looks and feels much more like it does in the original games. Also you can no longer instantly switch between running for example left to running right without having a small pause, which is also how it works in the original games.

- Improvements made to player physics during moving water platforms (Splash Woman's stage), raft ride (Shadow Man's stage) and snake ride (Snake Man's co-op stage)

- Fixed the one frame delay when using other controller than keyboard.

- Changed the color of the life and weapon energy bars. They now look closer to the original games in terms of color choices.

- Redid the weapon select menu for the game. It now looks better, and is easier to bee than before.

- Added more remixed music, swapped out a few existing remixed tracks in order to try and keep the soundtrack a bit more coherent.

- Adjusted special weapon weaknesses for all enemy types in the game.

- Fixed issue where if you played as a certain secret character and used a throwing weapon (e.g, Shadow Blade) while on a ladder, the sprite of the character would display the wrong color.

- Improved the easy-mode and hard-mode of the game. These modes now differ more clearly from the normal-mode in terms of the number of enemies, the number of environmental hazards such as spikes and pits, as well as the number and types of power up items that can be found throughout the game.

- Fixed minor issue with the weapon icon for some of the special weapons.

- Changed the names of the music options in the game to "Original" and "Remix"

- Fixed issue in Splash Woman's single-player stage where an Okosutobon enemy (the floating mine enemy) could easily get stuck on an invisible wall while chasing the player.

- Fixed issue with the last Dachone (the big robot) enemy in Star Man's single-player stage. Before, if he dropped a powerup, it would fall off the stage, the enemy was positioned too close to the edge of the stage.

- Fixed issue with the third checkpoint in Snake Man's co-op stage where the players would spawn inside of a wall and thus be unable to progress.

- Fixed issue with some of the environment meshes in all of the stages, this issue made it possible for you to jump on the side of some walls and then use that as a point to jump off from, sort of like a wall jump. This was resolved by merging many such meshes.

- Removed the first pushable block that you encounter in Shadow Man's co-op stage, the reason being that this block was originally put there back when Shadow Man co-op was the only playable stage in the game. As such we used that first pushable block as kind of an introduction to that game mechanic. But

since we now have several stages in the game, that one pushable block in Shadow Man's co-op stage no longer served much of a purpose.

- Made the green color for the Search Snake special weapon slightly darker, so that it doesn't look too much like the special weapon Tornado Blow. Furthermore, Tornado Blow uses a dark green and light green color palette whereas in the original game it used a dark green and white palette.

- Changed it so that the 1-up sprite always shows Mega Man's face instead of alternating between that and Proto Man's face like before, the reason being that we now have more playable characters, so using a generic sprite seemed like the best option.

- Changed the color of Dr. Light's pants in the intro video from magenta to blue, which is his more common pants color in the original games.

- Added Rush to the intro video, he is shown being hurt by falling debris during the attack against Dr. Light's laboratory.

- Made the entrance to the hidden room of Star Man's singe-player stage a bit more easy to spot.

- Fixed sprite issue for a certain secret playable character where the white explosion that can be seen when taking a hit was black instead of white, provided that the character was covered in ink while being hurt, something that can occur in Splash Woman's stage.

- Improved the sprite for the Sphinx miniboss in Pharaoh Man's stage.

- Made slight modification to Quick Man's single-player stage layout in order to place an optional item there.

- Tweaked behaviors for some of the enemies that were in the previous releases of the game. This is especially noticable in the stages like Shadow Man and Snake Man that were built early in the development, as we weren't as careful about getting the enemy behavior right then. Some of them are still a bit off and will be tweaked further at a later time.

- Fixed issue with checkpoint 1 in Shadow Man's co-op stage where if you tried to backtrack, a door and pushable button wouldn't show up, also fixed a camera issue related to it where if you did try and backtrack, the camera would get messed up and the players would be unable to progress through the stage.

- Fixed issue at the second big bubble part of Splash Woman's co-op stage. There were two mines that were left inside of another mesh by mistake. As a result, if a player pressed against the seemingly normal mesh, he would die as he collided with one of the invisible mines.

- Fixed issue with a gap that you slide through right before the boss hallway in Splash Woman's co-op stage. Before it would sometimes happen that your character would stand up while in the gap. This should no longer be an issue as we merged some of those meshes that make up that part.

- The life bar for the bosses no longer starts filling up as soon as the robot masters appear on screen, and instead waits until they've finished posing, like in the original games.

- Changed the font used in the game to one that scales better.

- Fixed issue with text overlapping itself when running the game at certain resolutions.

- Added the names of the robot masters under their respective boss portrait on the stage select screen.

- Moved Checkpoint 1 for Pharaoh Man single-player slightly. Now if you fail to access the alternate path in that stage, you can die on purpose and get to attempt it again without having to replay the stage all the way from the beginning.

- Improved the sprite for the Mega Snakey enemy (the ones that you ride on in Snake Man's stage). Also added blinking animations for them, so now they blink instead of just staring like before.

- The number of meshes making up the stages in the game have been optimized and merged as much as possible, drastically reducing the number of meshes. For example, Snake Man's co-op stage prior to this was made up of more than 1300 meshes, now down to less than 700 meshes. 

- Changed the sprite used for the water splash effect from the one used in Mega Man 2 to the one used in Mega Man 5. As a result, the water splashes now look better.

- Added mod support, it is now possible to modify character sprites! Check the forum for more information about this.

- Changed Sniper Joe enemy so that his behavior continues even if he goes out of frame. Before, if he for example shot 2 out of 3 projectile and you made him go off screen, when he would later come back into screen, he would then shoot his 3rd projectile, regardless of how much time had passed.

- The hammer thrown by the Hammer Joe enemy now deflects buster projectiles, as well as laser tridents.

- Made it so that sound effects can't overlap each other too much. Otherwise it would be possible for certain sound effects to overlap themselves many times, resulting in it being really loud compared to everything else.

- Fixed problem where if you jumped while sliding, the SFX that plays upon landing would play as soon the player jumped.

- Fixed problem with the pause menu losing alignment.

- Fixed problem where it was possible to walk while using the Pharaoh Shot special weapon.

- Having the Star Crash special weapon active and colliding with the steam obstacle that come out of certain pipes in Splash Woman's stage would cause the game to crash, which is funny considering the name of the special weapon causing the crash.

- Fixed problem where some enemies in the game (e.g, Mets, Petit Snakey) would always target Player 2 in co-op, even if Player 1 was closer to it.

- Fixed issue where the Megasnakeys (The big snakes you ride on in Snake Man's stage) could push the Potton enemies (the red flying enemies) upon colliding with them.

- Fixed issue where the Dada enemy (The enemy in Snake Man's stage that jumps a lot) could jump on top of the invisible meshes that we use to trigger a player death if the player falls into a pit.

- Switched the placement of the life energy bar and weapon energy bar, they were placed incorrectly before compared to the original games.

- Highlighting a difficulty option on the title screen now shows visually what the player can expect in terms of changes, this is shown in a similar fashion in Mega Man 10.

- Fixed issue where items such as Life refills and weapon refills could land on the invisible meshes that we use for killing the player if he falls into death pits.

- Added the functionality to spawn things such as death pit meshes and regular meshes when the player reaches a certain coordinate. This is used for a couple of different things. For example during the Megasnakey ride (The big orange and purple snakes) in Snake Man's co-op stage, as the players progress through that section and get higher up, we then spawn death pit meshes (invisible meshes that kill the players if they fall into pits) higher up, meaning that if the players fall off the snakes, we can make sure to kill them, rather than risk them landing on a mesh further down that is out of sight,

but which wouldn't allow them to progress anyway. This way of spawning meshes is also very useful for our camera perspective changes. For example, before in Pharaoh Man's single-player stage,

when you change axis shortly after the miniboss fight with the sphinx, you would be able to see all the way back to the beginning of the stage as the camera turned, but, now we spawn a black wall there

which covers that up.

- Tweaked the checkpoint after the Space Ship segment in Star Man's single-player stage. Now it activates as soon as you reach the end of the ship segment. So if you were to land the ship but then

fall off the platform and die, you won't have to replay that entire part.

- The color of the boss health bar is now unique to each robot master, it now matches the color scheme of the robot master instead of using a generic color like before.

- Quick Man and Pharaoh Man are more agressive at the start of their boss fights and will begin to attack instantly, instead of waiting a while like they did before.

- The game now remembers which character you used when clearing a stage, so when you get back to the stage select screen to go to the next stage, it no longer reverts to Mega Man as default.

- The blinking arrow on the right teleporter on the stage select in single-player mode no longer blinks, as there is no second player in that mode.

- Fixed issue with the music that plays during boss battles. Before the boss music would not loop seamlessly if the battle went on for a long time, now it does.

- Made the frame surrounding the robot master health bars slightly thicker to make it easier to see how much of their health remains.

- Improvements made to Star Man's boss pattern, he now behaves more like he does in Mega Man 5.

- Hitboxes for Sasoreenu (Green scorpion enemy) in Pharaoh Man's stage moved down slightly, it's now easier to jump over them.

- Fixed a bug where the Walking Bomb enemy in Shadow Man's stage would explode if it ran into the player.

- Fixed a bug where before, it was possible to slide through the steam obstacles in Splash Woman's stage without getting pushed back.

- The special weapon Star Crash no longer blocks certain projectiles (E.g, Pharaoh Man's attacks.)

- Before, if you did the slide move during a part where the camera allowed for scrolling in Y position, the camera would shift slightly in Y position since the hitbox for the player when he slides is smaller, we've now added an offset for that so that the camera will not shift even when you slide.

- Fixed issue in Snake Man's co-op stage where if one player was far ahead of the other in the boss hallway, it was possible for the boss fight to glitch out so that the boss never spawned.

- Tweaked camera for Splash Woman's boss fight in co-op mode. Before, the camera was a bit too zoomed out during this boss fight, compared to the other boss fights.

- Fixed an issue with Pharaoh Shot where if you're hit while you have a fully charged Pharaoh Shot charged up, you could discharge it even after having lost it. This is actually how it functions in the original Mega Man 4 as well, but we're fairly certain that the reason for it is due to a bug in the original game, as if would make little sense otherwise.

- Fixed an issue with the Space Ship section of Star Man's stage where before, you could leave the screen, killing you. Now, the ship stops if you get close to the edge.

- Higher quality rips than before for certain sound effects, for example when you use Shadow Blade.

- Sprite improvements and new color palette for the Snakey miniboss in Shadow Man's co-op stage.

- Reworked a part of Snake Man's single-player stage that made use of a pushable block before. This seemed out of place as it is the only time in single-player mode that the pushable block is used as a game mechanic. It is now only in the co-op mode of the game where it is used more frequently.

- The spaceship in Star Man's stage now has its own type of projectile instead of using the regular buster.

- Tweaked the angle of one of Shadow Man's Shadow Blades that he throws at you during his boss fight. It's a bit steeper now, making it a bit more fair when you're trying to dodge it by jumping.

- Fixed an issue with the quick sand in Pharaoh Man's stage where previously. There would sometimes be a slight delay before you actually started sinking into it.

- Made the raft ride in Shadow Man's co-op stage slightly shorter, as Shadow Man's co-op stage was too long before compared to the other co-op stages.

- Added a sound effect for when you hit a shootable button in the game, to make it more clear that something is happening.

- Fixed issue where you could grab ladders too low down on the non-starting axis in single-player stages.

- If there are any small fish on screen when you defeat Splash Woman, these now get destroyed along with her.

- Search snakes will now be blocked by the Sniper Joe enemies if they are shielding themself, instead of just passing right through them which used to be the case.

- Made it so that Search Snakes can no longer climb on invisible walls that we use in a couple of spots throughout the game.

- The background during the boss introduction that follows the stage and character select now animates instead of being a single static image like before.

- Made some change to Snake Man's behavior to make him act a bit more like the does in Mega Man 3. Also resolved an issue where his search snakes would

get deleted if they collided with the door that you enter his boss room through. Now his search snakes are able to keep traveling all the way up to the ceeling.

- Made the Fire snakey miniboss in Shadow Man co-op purple instead of orange like before to make him stand out a bit more from the rest of the stage.

- The color of Snake Man's snakes that he throws at you during the fight now have their own green color which matches that of Snake Man himself, instead of using the darker green color that the player(s) search snakes use.

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제작사 : 어콜레이드 

제작년도 : 1992 

실행파일 : summer.bat 

운영체제 : MS-DOS

언어 : 영어

사운드 : IBM, 애드립

최소사양 : XT, 640KB



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원본 홍보영상: http://tv.seongnam.go.kr/w/3/2/1426

제작: http://semicolonspirits.com/15

다운로드: http://bit.ly/20RmcOQ

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바이킹 소년

원제: Prophecy I - The Viking Child

제작: IDL

유통: Atari

플랫폼: Amiga, Atari ST, Atari Lynx, Game Boy, Game Gear, PC

출시년: 1991년

장르: 횡스크롤 액션

평화롭던 마을을 잿더미로 만든 로키와 그 부하들에 대항하여 싸우는 바이킹 소년 브라이언의 모험!  

공략영상: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OhpAm3RHS-Y

위키: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Viking_Child


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베타 플레이/리뷰



필라스 오브 이터니티 (Pillars of Eternity)


장르: RPG / Isometric (아이소메트릭뷰 알피지)
제작: 옵시디언 엔터테인먼트 Obsidian Entertainment
유통: 파라독스 인터랙티브 Paradox Interactive
발매: 2014년말(예정)
플랫폼: PC
언어: 영어
텍스트 지원: Russian, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish

시스템 요구사양:
Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8
Processor: Intel Pentium D 2.6 GHz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT
Sound device: sovmestimoe with DirectX® 9.0
Hard Drive: 6 Gb




















RPG명가 블랙아일 스튜디오의 후신 옵시디언 엔터테인먼트가 90년대말 RPG중흥기 시절의 게임 정신을 계승하여 만들고 있는 정통 롤플레잉게임이다.


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제작사 : Electronic Arts
유통사 :  Electronic Arts, Ultra Games
음악 : Rob Hubbard
플랫폼 : Amiga, NES, MS-DOS, C64
출시일 : 1990
장르 : 스키 / 동계스포츠 Skiing / Winter sports
모드 : 6인용 1 - 6 players, varies by event



1990년 일렉트로닉 아츠에서 제작/유통한 동계스포츠 게임. 5가지 미니게임 종목이 있다. 돌려하기로 무려 6인 플레이가 가능하다. 자매품 스케이트 오어 다이 시리즈(Skate or Die!)가 있다.
이 게임의 백미는 뭐니뭐니 해도 로버트 휴바드의 폭풍간지나는 Roland MT-32와 AdLib, PC-Speaker 사운드의  배경음악!



Ski Or Die Fan Site:














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제작사 : Novotrade International
유통사 : Sega
디자인 : Ed Annunziata
음악 : Spencer Nilsen (also sole composer for Sega CD) / Christopher Sobiraski / András Magyari
플랫폼 : Sega Mega Drive, Mega-CD, Windows, Game Gear, Master System, Game Boy Advance, Xbox 360 (XBLA), Virtual Console, iOS, Cloud (OnLive), Steam
출시일 :
-Sega Mega Drive
EU July 31, 1992
NA July 29, 1993
JP July 30, 1993
NA 1993
EU 1993
JP February 24, 1995
-Virtual Console
NA November 27, 2006
EU December 8, 2006
JP December 2, 2006
NA June 1, 2010
July 22, 2010
장르 : 횡스크롤 액션 어드벤쳐 게임 Side-scrolling action-adventure game
모드 : 싱글플레이
매체 : ROM cartridge, CD-ROM, digital distribution, cloud computing








한 때 북미에서 기라성 같은 메이저 게임들을 제치고 국민게임으로 등극하며 선풍적인 인기를 끌었던 중독성 높은 횡스크롤 액션 어드벤쳐 게임 시리즈.

우리의 희망 돌고래 에코를 조종하여 외계인에게 납치된 친구들을 구하자!





































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1985년에 코나미에서 MSX용으로 만든 인기 퍼즐 게임.

주인공이 피라미드를 탐험하며 미이라들을 피해서 보물을 찾아 다음 스테이지로 가는 게임(스테이지 무한루프)이다.





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제작 : APROMAN 1989.3 - POSTECH

출시 : 1989년


코나미의 MSX용 인기 퍼즐게임 왕가의 계곡 속편을 포항공대 컴퓨터동아리 소속 맴버들이 학교 실습실에서 왕의 계곡이란 이름으로 만든 게임이다. 물론 8086 IBM PC 호환기종 게임으로 출시되었다.





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가이낙스에서 1993년 출시한 육성 시뮬레이션 게임 프린세스 메이커 시리즈 그 두 번째 작품으로 약칭은 프메2(PM2). 해외수출용 영문판이다.



Princess Maker 2.zip


Princess Maker 2 - Uncensored Patch.zip


Princess Maker 2.rar


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제작자 : 하이텔 김인철님
제작년 : 1993년
실행파일 : othelo.exe
운영체제 : 도스 DOS
언어 : 한글
사운드 : IBM, 애드립
최소사양 : 386, 2MB


모뎀 PC통신 시절 하이텔에서 활동하시던 김인철씨가 만든 공개 DOS게임이다.

삼국지3가 정식발매 되기도 전에 국내에서 선풍전인 인기를 끌자 삼국지3의 소스를 이용하여 만든 게임이다. 

때문에 초상화는 코에이 삼국지3의 일러스트를 그대로 사용했다. 내상을 입으면 인물 표정이 바뀌는 것도 재미 포인트.

다른 오셀로 게임과의 차이라면 역시 삼국지의 등장인물들로 오셀로를 즐긴다는 점일 것이다.



F2 : 제갈량 훈수

F3 : 재촉하기










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Call to Power 2

개발 : Activision
유통 : Activision
디자인 : David White, Tony Evans, Dan Haggerty, Winnie Lee
플랫폼 : Windows
출시일 : November 2000  / Latest release rev.1111 / 12. June 2011
장르 : Turn-based strategy game
모드 : Single player, multiplayer over TCP/IP, IPX
미디어 : CD-ROM, Download (gog.com)



문명 시리즈의 외전격에 해당하는 작품.

시드 마이어를 위시한 주요 제작팀이 파이락시스를 새로 설립하였으나 이 과정에서 문명 시리즈와 관련된 저작권 분쟁이 일어났고, 본 작품은 마이크로프로즈에서 만들었다.



Call to Power II.rar


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개발 : Dynamix
유통 : Sierra On-Line
디자인 : Neal Hallford, John Cutter
플랫폼 : MS-DOS
출시일 : June 22, 1993
장르 : Role-playing game
모드 : Single Player
미디어 : 7 3½" floppy disks; also released on CD-ROM and as a download





Betrayal at Krondor.rar

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Lego Batman : The Videogame


개발 : Traveller's Tales/TT Fusion (Nintendo DS)/ Robosoft Technologies (Mac OS X)
유통 : Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment / DC Comics / Feral Interactive (Mac OS X)
디자인 : Jonathan Smith
음악 : Danny Elfman
플랫폼 : Cloud (OnLive) / Mac OS X / Microsoft Windows / Mobile phones / Nintendo DS / PlayStation 2 / PlayStation 3 / PlayStation Portable / Wii / Xbox 360
출시일 :
NA September 23, 2008
EU October 10, 2008
AUS October 15, 2008
장르 : Action-adventure
모드 : Single-player, multiplayer
미디어 : DVD, Blu-ray Disc, Wii Optical Disc, Universal Media Disc, cloud computing





Lego Batman The Videogame.rar

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LEGO Indiana Jones 2 : The Adventure Continues

개발 : Traveller's Tales, Feral Interactive, Open Planet Software (Mac OS X)
유통 : LucasArts, Feral Interactive (Mac OS X)
플랫폼 : Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo DS, PlayStation Portable, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows
출시일 :
-Wii, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo DS, PlayStation Portable, Microsoft Windows
NA November 17, 2009
EU November 20, 2009
AUS November 25, 2009
-Mac OS X
NA April 2, 2011
장르 : Action-adventure
모드 : Single-player, Multiplayer
미디어 : DVD, Blu-ray Disc, Wii Optical Disc, Nintendo DS Game Card, UMD






Lego Indiana Jones 2 The Adventure Continues.rar

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LEGO Indiana Jones : The Original Adventures


개발 : Traveller's Tales, Feral Interactive, Open Planet Software (Mac OS X)
유통 : LucasArts / Feral Interactive (Mac OS X)
엔진 : Modified Lego Star Wars II engine
플랫폼 : Nintendo DS, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, Wii, Xbox 360
출시일 : NA June 3, 2008 / EU June 6, 2008 / AUS June 4, 2008
장르 : Action-adventure
모드 : Single-player, Multiplayer, Co-op





Lego Indiana Jones The Original Adventures.rar

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개발 : Origin Systems
유통 : Electronic Arts
배포 : Electronic Arts / GOG.com (digital release)
감독 : Richard Garriott
디자인 : Seth Mendelsohn
Writer(s) Brian Martin / John Zuur Platten
음악 : George Oldziey
엔진 : Ultima IX Engine
버전 : 1.18f
플랫폼 : Windows 95
출시일 : November 24, 1999 / August 23, 2012 (GOG.com)
장르 : Role-playing video game
모드 : Single player
미디어 : 2 CD-ROM / Download



Ultima 9 : Ascension


울티마 시리즈 최후의 작품.
악명높은 최적화 문제와 버그와 게임성으로 '툼티마'란 혹평을 받았다.
게임의 그래픽 소스는 OSI에서 동시 진행하던 프로젝트 울티마 온라인 : 서드돈에서도 재사용되었다. 예토전생이냐!

시리즈 최초로 CD미디어를 채용하면서 Glide 풀 3D로 브리타니아를 재현한다는 시도는 좋았으나 당시의 기술력과 하드웨어 수준으 한계로 좁디 좁고 느려터진 버그투성이의 세계 밖에 구현 할 수 없다는 점이 가장 큰 실패의 요인으로 분석되고 있다. 시대를 너무 앞섰던 작품.

이미 브리타니아는 가디언이 지배하여 망가질 대로 망가졌고 회생불가능 수준에 이르렀다. 아바타는 역시 세계를 복구하고 가디언과 싸워야 한다. 최후에 가디언은 아바타가 브리타니아로 오며 분리된 악의 면이 실체화 되었다는 걸 깨닫고는 아마겟돈 마법을 시전하여 가디언과 함께 자폭하고, 하늘에 미덕의 별자리가 만들어진다.

스토리는 대충 브리타니아는 이미 가디언이 지배하여 망가질 대로 망가졌고 회생불가능 수준에 이르렀다. 아바타는 역시 세계를 복구하고 가디언과 싸워야 한다. 최후에 가디언은 아바타가 브리타니아로 돌아오며 분리된 악의 면이 실체화 되었다는 걸 깨닫고는 아마겟돈 마법을 시전하여 가디언과 함께 자폭하고, 하늘에 미덕의 별자리가 만들어진다는 내용.


한글패치 :



Ultima 9 - Ascension.rar

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시스템 요구사양 :
OS:Windows XP
Processor:Intel Core 2, 2ghz
Memory:512 MB RAM
Graphics:128 MB Video RAM and at least Shader Model 2.0
Hard Drive:200 MB HD space





Dead Pixels.rar

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제작 : 알케미 (Alkemi)
유통 : 탑웨어 인터랙티브 (TopWare Interactive)
출시 : 2012. 9. 11.
등급 : 전체이용가
장르 : 액션, 캐주얼, 슈팅
시스템 요구사양:
-최소 사양
OS: Windows Vista
Processor: 1.2 GHz Dual-Core or higher
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: 128MB graphics card with shader model 2.0
DirectX®: 9.0c
Hard Drive: 1.5 GB HD space
Sound: DirectX® 9.0c compatible sound card
-권장 사양
OS: Windows 7
Processor: 1.2 GHz Dual-Core or higher
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: 256MB graphics card with shader model 2.0
DirectX®: 9.0c
Hard Drive: 1.5 GB HD space
Sound: DirectX® 9.0c compatible sound card






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개발 : Bethesda Game Studios (Microsoft Windows & Xbox 360) / Superscape (Mobile phone) / 4J Studios (PlayStation 3)
유통 : 2K Games (Microsoft Windows & Xbox 360) / Vir2L Studios (Mobile phone) / Bethesda Softworks (PlayStation 3)
디자인 : Todd Howard (executive producer) / Ken Rolston (lead designer)
그래픽 : Matthew Carofano
음악 : Jeremy Soule
엔진 : Gamebryo (graphics) / Havok (physics) / SpeedTree (foliage)
플랫폼 : Microsoft Windows, Mobile phone, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
출시일 :
-Microsoft Windows & Xbox 360
NA March 20, 2006
AUS March 23, 2006
EU March 24, 2006
JP July 26, 2007
-Game of the Year Edition
NA September 10, 2007
EU September 21, 2007
AUS September 28, 2007
JP April 22, 2010
-Mobile phone
NA May 2, 2006
-PlayStation 3
NA March 20, 2007
AUS April 26, 2007
EU April 27, 2007
JP September 27, 2007
-Game of the Year Edition
NA October 16, 2007
AUS December 13, 2007
EU December 14, 2007
JP April 22, 2010
최신 출시일 : / April 30, 2007
장르 : Action Adventure, Open world
모드 : Single-player
미디어 : DVD, Blu-ray Disc, Download



2006년도에 출시된 엘더스크롤 시리즈의 4번째 작품. 각본가는 에밀 파글리아룰로(Emil Pagliarulo).

2011년까지 '최신작' 타이틀을 유지하고 있었으나, 5년만에 시리즈 신작 스카이림이 발매되며 최신작 타이틀을 벗을 수 있게 됐다.



The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion.rar

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개발 : Terminal Reality
유통 : Majesco, THQ (Europe)
엔진 : Infernal Engine (Proprietary) with Open Dynamics Physics
플랫폼 : PlayStation 2, Xbox, Microsoft Windows, Cloud (OnLive)
출시일 :
-PlayStation 2, Xbox
NA October 12, 2004
EU February 17, 2006
-Microsoft Windows
NA May 23, 2006
EU February 17, 2006
장르 : Hack and slash, Action
모드 : Single-player
미디어 : Optical disc, Download, Cloud computing



마제스코 게임즈에서 만든 액션 게임. 담피르인 주인공 레인을 조작해서 나치들과 싸우는 내용.
2편은 배경이 현대 미국으로, 독일군이나 괴물이 나온 전작과는 달리 흡혈귀, 갱, 악마등이 적으로 나온다. 전작에 비해 여러모로 발전되었다.

주인공이 흡혈귀인걸 이용해서 피가 떨어지면 상대의 피를 빨아먹을수있다. 이때의 음성이 참 므흣한게 특징. 또 피를 빨고 있는 적을 고기방패로 쓸 수도 있다. 단 좀비등의 피를 마시면 좋지 않다. 총, 칼, 격투, 외줄타기 등 다양한 액션이 가능하지만 조작에서 조심하지 않으면 빡치는 상황도 더러 생긴다. 로봇을 조종해서 싸우는 미션도 있는 등 다양한 시도를 한 흔적이 엿보인다.



BloodRayne 2.rar

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드레이큰생 : 더 다크 아이 (Drakensang : The Dark Eye / Das Schwarze Auge: Drakensang)

개발 : Radon Labs
유통 : dtp entertainment (DE) / THQ (NA) / Eidos Interactive (EU) / Fx Interactive (It/Spa) / Techland (PL)
음악 : Tilman Sillescu, Markus Schmidt, Pierre Langer
엔진 : Nebula Device
플랫폼 : Microsoft Windows
출시일 :
AUT August 1, 2008
CHE August 1, 2008
DEU August 1, 2008
INT February 24, 2009
장르 : Role-playing video game
모드 : Single-player
미디어 : DVD, Steam


부분 한글 패치 : https://www.box.com/shared/pi95phofcr



독일산 TRPG 다크 아이(The Dark Eye) 세계관을 기반으로 하여 개발된 수준높은 정통 RPG.



드레이큰생 : 더 리버 오브 타임 (Drakensang : The River of Time)



개발 : Radon Labs
유통 : dtp entertainment (DE) / THQ (NA)
엔진 : Nebula Device
플랫폼 : Microsoft Windows
출시일 : DEU February 19, 2010 / NA January 11, 2011
장르 : Role-playing video game
모드 : Single-player
미디어 : DVD, Steam

<iframe width="640" height="360" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/-vGKrXXVRlQ?feature=player_detailpage" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

드레이큰생 : 필리아손 시크릿 (Drakensang : Phileasson's Secret)

2010년 독일에서 발매된 확장팩. 2011년 1월 영문판으로 출시되었다.



더 다크 아이 : 데모니콘 (The Dark Eye : Demonicon)


개발 : Noumena Studios
유통 : Kalypso Media
엔진 : Vision Engine 8
플랫폼 : Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3
출시일 : Early 2013
장르 : Role-playing
모드 : Single-player







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개발 : Volition, Inc., Amplified Games (mobile)
유통 : THQ
플랫폼 : PlayStation 2 / Xbox / Windows / Mobile phone
출시일 :
NA 20040412April 12, 2004
-PlayStation 2, Xbox, Windows
NA 20050116January 16, 2005
EU 20050304March 4, 2005
장르 : Action, third-person shooter
모드 : Single player
미디어 : DVD




The Punisher.rar

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개발 : Criterion Games
유통 : Electronic Arts
디자인 : Alex Ward (Creative director)
엔진 : RenderWare
버전 :1.90 (PS3 & Xbox 360) / (PC)
플랫폼 : PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows
출시일 :
-Original version
NA January 22, 2008
EU January 25, 2008
AUS February 7, 2008
JP February 21, 2008
-The Ultimate Box
NA February 5, 2009 (PC: Retail)
JP 20090205February 5, 2009
NA 20090206February 6, 2009
EU February 6, 2009
NA March 12, 2009 (PC: Steam)
AU 20090312March 12, 2009
장르 : Racing, Open world
모드 : Single-player, Multiplayer
미디어 : Blu-ray Disc, DVD, Download



크라이테리온에서 제작하고 EA가 유통하는 아케이드 계열 레이싱 게임.

일반적인 레이싱 게임들하고는 달리 상대방 차량과 충돌하거나 접근전을 벌여서 상대 차량에 대미지를 입히거나 테이크다운 상태로 만드는것을 중시하며 시뮬레이션형이 아닌 아케이드형 게임으로 상대방차량을 박살내는 재미도 쏠쏠하다.


장르가 참 애매한데 일단은 차로 달리는게 메인이지만 기존 레이싱 게임이랑은 너무나도 다르게 액션성을 추가했기 때문에 레이싱이라고 부르기는 참 애매한 편이다.


크래쉬모드도 존재하는데 이 모드는 멀쩡하게 돌아가는 도로에 고의로 사고를 내는 모드이며 많은 차량들이 충돌할수록 차량들이 완벽하게 개박살 날 수록 높은 점수를 얻는 모드이다. 3편부터는 일정한 조건하에서 자신이 운전한 차량을 폭파시켜서 주위차량들에게 무지막지한 데미지를 입힐수도 있다.




BurnOut Paradise.rar

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레거시 오브 케인~디파이언스

개발 : Crystal Dynamics / Nixxes Software (PC/XBOX)
유통 : Eidos Interactive
버전 : 1.1
플랫폼 : PlayStation 2 / Xbox / Windows
출시일 :
-PS2 & Xbox
NA November 11, 2003
EU February 6, 2004
NA December 17, 2003
EU February 6, 2004
장르 : Action-adventure
모드 : Single player
미디어 : 1 DVD (PS2, Xbox)






Legacy of Kain Defiance.rar

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개발 : Monolith Productions / Climax Group (xbox version)
유통 : Buena Vista Interactive
디자인 : Frank Rooke
음악 : Wendy Carlos
엔진 : Lithtech Triton
버전 :
플랫폼 : Windows / Mac OS X / Game Boy Advance / Xbox
출시일 :
-Microsoft Windows
NA August 26, 2003
EU September 19, 2003
-Mac OS X
EU November 14, 2003
NA June 1, 2004
-Game Boy Advance
NA October 20, 2004
EU November 12, 2004
NA November 4, 2004
EU November 26, 2004
장르 : First-person shooter
모드 : Single-player / Multiplayer
미디어 : Optical disc


2003년에 본작에서 이어지는 내용의 게임 '트론 2.0'이 나왔는데 트론의 세계를 현대적으로 잘 묘사했다고 극찬을 받았다. 또한 FPS형식의 게임에 독특한 시스템을 추가해 상당히 재미있게 플레이할 수 있다. 컴퓨터 안으로 빨려들어간다는 설정의 게임을 컴퓨터로 플레이하는데서 오는 묘한 몰입감도 게임 플레이를 즐겁게 해준다. 다만 난이도가 조금 높은 감이 있다.


게임의 주인공은 본작에서 등장했던 주인공의 친구이자 그와 함께 마스터 컨트롤을 물리친 프로그램 '트론'을 제작한 앨런의 아들로 아버지에게 무슨 일이 생겼는지 확인하러 갔다가 트론의 세계로 빨려들어간다.


게임은 긍정적인 평가에도 불구하고 흥행에 실패해 아쉽게도 예정되어있던 확장팩과 후속편이 취소되었다. 게임 제작시에는 원작 트론의 제작자들과 배우들이 다수 참여했으며, 트론 : 새로운 시작이 나오기 전까지는 트론의 공식 후속작이었다.





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싱글즈 (Singles: Flirt Up Your Life)


개발 : Rotobee
유통 : Deep Silver
플랫폼 : Microsoft Windows
출시일 :
EU April 2, 2004
NA October 5, 2004
장르 : Life simulation game
모드 : Single player
미디어 : download













싱글즈 2 (Singles 2: Triple Trouble)

개발 : Rotobee
유통 : Deep Silver
플랫폼 : Microsoft Windows
출시일 : June 2005
장르 : Life simulation game
모드 : Single-player
미디어 : download, CD-Rom




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