I'm doing this walkthrough from memory, so there may (or may not,

depending on the state of my mind) be some errors/ ommissions. Don't post

me about any; I don't care. I'm just posting this in an attempt to reduce

the same questions about Out Of This World appearing every few days.

This was originally done for the IBM version but some notes have been

added based on the MacIntosh version.

LEVEL 1; Watch the pretty introduction. Zoomph! You appear in the water.

Swim UP, unless you want to watch the drowning scene. After surfacing, run

right. Kill all the crawling leeches in the next two screens, watching out

for the ones falling from the ceiling. If you leave more that one alive on

each screen, life will become difficult later. Run right, until the Black

Panther heebie leaps down, then _immediately_ run left. If you wait around

too long, it'll catch up to you and you'll get sliced and diced. Keep

running left until you get to the chasm with the vine; then jump onto the

vine. This should swing you around one screen to the right. Run like crazy

to the right now (the black panther is still after you). Just keep running

right, and you'll end up meeting with

black_shrouded_dudes_with_guns_and_itchy_trigger_fingers (tm). End of level.

LEVEL 2; Listen to the cool sounds (on SBPRO anyway) as you awaken. Rock

the cage left and right, whilst you watch the guard strip. Keep rocking,

ignoring his pistol shots and gibbering. Splat guard as cage breaks the

chain holding it. Pick up pistol and run one screen right. Your friend

will run off the right side of the screen, then run back. You should kneel

and pump a few shots off to the right, until you kill the guard chasing your

friend. Run one more screen to the right, then wait on the far right of

that screen, facing left. Your friend will go on to the next right screen,

and you have to provide cover as he fixes the door. Kill two guards, coming

from the left. This is easy, as they give you heaps of time. Run right,

and keep running (on the spot in front of the door since your friend hasn't

yet finished). He finishes just in time. Go to the elevator platform, and

wait til you friend gets on, then go up. In the dome, run to the right and

enjoy the tunz and pics. (pretty heh?). Go back to the platform, and after

your friend gets on, go _all_ the way to the bottom. With your hand on the

trigger, run left and _as_soon_ as the next screen appears, duck and fire.

You should be fast enough since you ran on to blast the guard here. (If you

walk on, you usually get blasted). Shoot the thing on the left wall, and

the glowing thread should stop glowing. Go back to the platform, and go up

one level (making sure your friend comes along). Go left and blast the wall

away. At this point your gun _always_ is out of charge, so don't worry.

The guard below can't get out (since you've deactivated the doors from

below), but he'll try to blast out. Ignore him, go down, left, up, and to

the next screen to the left. If you do this quickly enough, it doesn't

matter how slow your friend is, as the computer will have him catch up.

Stand ontop of the small floor defect, and wait. Your friend should open

the drain cover, and you'll drop in.

LEVEL 3; Rolling, rolling, rolling. (so, I can't sing. Sue me). The trick

here is timing, so practice is the main thing. Roll left; there'll be a

steam blast ahead. Drop down and roll right; ahead is another steam blast.

Drop down again between two steam blasts, and (timing is hard here) roll

right. I think the rest is obvious, from memory. If you try to roll any

other directions, you end up on a long drop.

LEVEL 4; Dropping out of the pipe, you should go left and recharge your

gun. Blow away the doors to the right, then recharge your gun again. Go

right, and out of the building. One guard is just outside the building, but

he's easy to kill. Keep running right, until you get to the chasm, then do

a running jump across it. You should land on a ledge on the far side.

Shoot a hole into the wall to your right, and go through.

LEVEL 5; In the underground. Go down as far as you can, until you reach a '

T' shaped rock. From here, go right. The avalaches can be dodged with a

bit of patience; if you wait a while, a pattern in the falling rocks becomes

obvious. Keep going right; some of the ceiling tentacles may be shot to


to catch you if you're running). When you reach the floor hole, keep

running (you'll be back here later). Finally, you should reach a wall; blow

it away. ADDED NOTE: In the last area of falling stones and in the area

where the tentacles are above floor mouths, you can destroy the tentacle

things. Kneel down and make a superblast (you fire a shot first which makes

the tentacles draw up and you don't want that). Stand up and blast a tentacle.

Makes it easier.

LEVEL 6; I personally found this difficult for some reason. Run left,

dodging the creatures as before, until you get to the first room with the

avalanche. The rocks can't hurt you when you're on the higher ledge. Keep

going left; in the second avalanche room is a bat thing on the ceiling.

Shoot it to make it fly, then carefully follow it off to the left. In the

next screen, the bat should fly into the tentacle creature's grasp,

occupying it usefully. Jump onto the stalagtite, then to the next one, and

so on. You may move up and down slightly on the stalagtites. Jump off the


LEVEL 7; You should have jumped onto the T shaped rock. Note that if you

haven't done level 5 and 6, you could have gone on in the game, but further

on you would have been stuck. Fall off the left side of the rock, and

obliterate the small piece of rock to the right, holding up the main mass.

Run up the resultant ramp, and to the right. Keep running right (don't fall

down any holes!), until you get to the room with the lake dangerously

overhead. Standing as far left as you are able, blow away the lake support

and watch the cool graphics as the lake begins to flood the caverns you're

in. RUN AWAY! To the left. Depending on how fast you are, you can either

do standing or running jumps over the holes. Keep running left until you

can't go any furthur (you should be standing on a piece of something. Not

rock anyway). The water will rush up, propelling you into the air. Run

right, blowing away the intervening wall. Go up the stairs and run right.

LEVEL 8; Watch and laugh at your trapped friend! HAHAHAHA! Go one screen

to the right, and while standing on top of the stairs, fire a shot. A guard

will appear from the right side of the screen. Careful! he's mean. So

cheat. Run back left and hide behind a force field. His force field will

appear waaay in the bottom right, while he'll appear at your level. Zap!

Fried heebie! ADDED NOTE: This guard appears when you are halfway

across the floor area. Be ready and you can nail him when he appears.

Go back left, down the stairs and right across the spillway.

In the next screen, don't go down the stairs! Standing at the top of the

stairs, shoot once and watch the chandelier fall. This will free your

friend above, and bring a guard from the right. As with the last guard, if

you run left to the next screen, put up a shield and wait, the guard will

appear, but his shield will be several feet too low to protect him! Hee

hee! Toast!!! ADDED NOTE: Before shooting the chandelier, go to the

middle of the room and fire two fairly quick shots to the right. The guard

appears after the first and you nail him with the second.

Go left, back up the stair, then right. You'll see your

friend is gone, and if you run right one more screen, you'll see him slide

down a tube in the bottom left corner. Go right and marvel at the

indestructable heebie who runs away, invulnerable to the shots you pump into

his cowardly back. Follow the stairs down, and use the whisher to get to

the bottom part of the screen (the whisher is the up-down teleporter thing.

I'm too lazy to think of a technical term). Go right and watch yourself get

beaten up. As the heebie lifts you, watch your body. See your head go up?

Then press fire and you'll kick the heebie in the stomache (ok... it's

_maybe_ a little lower than the stomache. Are you insinuating I don't fight

fair?) Run left and do a cool diving roll onto your gun, then be so

surprised you almost forget to press fire and blow the heebie away.

ADDED NOTE: The part before using the whisher can be done later.

Go right one screen. Now this is a tricky bit, and if you get it wrong, you'll

have to do the whole level again. Two guards will appear, one from the

right, one from the left. The best method so far is to move across until

just before the guards appear, put up a shield to the right, move forward

and make the guards appear, wheel around, and put up a shield to the left.

Then quickly kill the left guard using the gun's super blast, turn and put

up another shield to the right _just_ in time to save yourself. The last

guard is easy from there. All this takes practice, and perseverence.

LEVEL 8.5; There's a bit on the last level I always do after this, but you

probably can do it before. Run up to the top of the stairs in level 8 (

where you saw the cowardly-though-indestructable heebie. Run right and you'

ll see the blighter hiding behind multiple layers of shields. Put up your

own shield _before_ you get to the doors. (otherwise you'll be blasted).

Step forward _just_ enough to open the doors, then step back and let them

close. The heebie should panic and release little glow balls which pass

unmolested through shields. Unfortunately, they also bounce off closed

doors. Blooie! No more heebie. Run right, blowing away the door. In the

next room is a recharger you may as well use (although I've never personally

run out of charge except on level 2). In the next room is a dome, with

green globes reflecting _something_ beneath. It's a guard you'll meet

later. Try to time it so that when you duck and fire, he'll be underneath

the globe whose chain is in your line of sight. Aim and blooie! What you

missed? Don't worry. I've never killed him like that either. Go out of

the room and return. The guard should be back to his pacing. Again aim

using the remaining globes, and when he's underneath, fire! Crash, and the

guard goes down under an imaginary globe!

You can do all of that at 8.5 or 9.5. ADDED NOTE: If you watch the

pace in the reflection of the globe, you can tell when he stops and you can

get him then. In the Mac version, it is essential to do this before continuing

to level 9 because the guard is on the screen after the two guards.

LEVEL 9; Go to the spot where you killed the guards coming from either side

if you did 8.5 You should be still there if you didn't. Go right, and meet

a lake. You remember the wall you blew away at the end of level 5? Well

the water you flooded the caverns with rushed through the gap and in here.

Good thing you did it eh? Jump into (or fall if you want) the water, and

swim _down_. If you go right, you'll just have troubles later. Swim left

at the bottom of the shaft. You should enter a room with two up shafts and

one down shaft. Swim _up_ the _leftmost_ up shaft. If you don't, you

suffer from drowning. Cool eh? After breathing from the air pocket there,

swim down, and down again into the down shaft. Go right, and avoiding the

critters, shoot the glowing line on the rightmost wall. After that, go all

the way back to the top of the pool (don't forget to use the airpocket


LEVEL 9.5; If you didn't do 8.5, do it now. ADDED NOTE: You have to

8.5 before 9 in the MAC version.

LEVEL 10; Go right, and fall down the gap in the floor. In what seems like

a peaceful room, if you stop to admire the scenery, you'll be deaded. (

Killed for those literate ones amongst you). Blow away the right wall, and

ignoring the shots peppering the air about you, run like the wind to the

left. (just joking!) RUN RIGHT YOU FOOL! You'll notice how the doors

closing behind you _just_ save you from getting the back of your head

fried. You finally reach a dead end. Ignore it, and put up a shield to

your left. Blow away the hordes of enemy who come at you, at wait your

time. Finally, a part of the ceiling opens, and an arm waves about. Stand

under it, and be rescued!

LEVEL 11; It's your friend! (See? Aren't you glad you rescued him now?).

He runs to the right; ignore him and run to the left side of the screen,

then right on the ledge that you though was part of the background. Pass

behind a building and see your friend is captured, then leap of the ledge to

the right of the building. Run left into the building, and if you're quick,

run forward enough to use the shield already standing there. The poor

heebie behind it gets crisped straight away, and your friend (after a quick

struggle) takes care of the second one. Run right, making sure your friend

is in the lead. Before the edge of the chasm, stop. When your friend

beckons you, run at him, and with a mighty throw, he (I'm assuming it's a

he, since we see the babe heebie's later) tosses you across. Then with

another mighty effort, he flings himself after you and learns the benefits

of dieting. Stuck eh? Just jump left off the ledge. After falling a bit,

you grab an awning and swing onto a ledge. Put up a shield and kill the

guards who come from the left side of the screen. Careful- they're mean and

will toast you if you're too slow.

LEVEL 12; Run left as far as you can, and watch with glee as you enter a

room filled with fleeing heebies. Laugh as one gets locked out. Walk up to

the door seperating you from him, and stop when it opens. Nail your trigger

finger to the table for the moment. Pull out your gun. (if you want a

laugh, kill him, and run forward. Or better still, just run forward). The

heebie surrenders, then hits a trigger that locks all the doors on the

screen (this is good). Run to the right, then up the stairs. At the top,

jump to the far right side of the screen, put up a shield to your left and

blow away the way between you and the guard there. Allow him to keep

tossing blue glowing things down the stairs for a while (I think you need 3

or 4 down the stairs), then toast him. Run left and use the whizzer. In

the level below, face right and power up your gun for the blue laser blast.

The guard to your right helpfully blows away the door, so blow away his

shield. Then just use a normal shot to kill him. Use the whizzer to go

down, shoot the blue line on the right wall, then go back up. Head down the

stairs. ADDED NOTE: Don't kill the guy who surrenders. If you do, then

the guy won't throw the glowing grenades.

At the bottom is a hole, blown in the floor by the blue glowing

round things. Fall down it and run right. The next room hasn't lights (you

shot them out when you shot the blue line). Run right, ignoring the lasers

shots, and on the far right side of the screen, JUMP! The next screen has a

hole in the floor just as you come in. Don't fall into it! (unless you want

to see what lies below _before_ utter chaos). Pull the lever and then drop

through the hole in the floor. In the chaos below, ignore everything and

run right. (I usually face left, put up a shield and then run right, but

sometimes get killed doing it. Apparently you can just run right; I haven't

checked this yet.) Ignore the lasers shooting past you. About two or three

screens on, there is a whizzer up; if you miss it or take too long going up,

you get toasted, so you only have one try. After you go up, go left and

rescue your friend with the extending bridge. Run right (if you're too

slow, as you cross the down whizzer, you get shot). Watch what your friend

does in the strange wall marking, and do it yourself. Follow your friend to

the right.

LEVEL 13; The Tank. Just hit _all_ the buttons. A full list is

one missile fire

all missiles fire

side guns out

front guns out

lights on

power up

emergence buttons (including escape pod- important!)

side guns in

front guns in

earth tremor on

earth tremor off

all weapons off

-actually, thats not a _full_ list; simply all I can remember. The _only_

way to escape is to use the escape pod.

LEVEL 14; Final level. Run right. Kill the 4 guards on the next screen.

Run right. Meet your friend. Fall. Get beaten up. Crawl right. Wait

until the evil heebie (with red eyes I think) is about to step under the sky

light and press fire. If you are as right as you can get, you pull a lever

and he dies. Pull another lever and crawl left. The first two barrages of

lasers _always_ miss if you freeze when they fire. The third _always_ hits,

so you'd better hurry. When you crawl into the light, whizz up. Crawl

right a bit and watch yourself collapse. That's it!!! You're well and

truly stuffed, and that's all you can do except watch the ending.



Added notes by D. Cameron

ps. Sorry if the last bit was brief, but I'm late, and in a hurry.

"If at first you don't succeed, forget skydiving."

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