Console Codes

To enter the code push the Tilde key (~) and type:

Cheat Effect
please open Unlock All Doors
please invisible Invisibility Mode
please fly Fly Mode
please giveall Gives All Weapons
please ghost No Clipping
please killall Kill All On-screen Enemies
please god God Mode
please refresh Full Health
please tellall All NETRICSA messages

Alternate Cheat Mode

Push F1 to see the console window, submit a code below & push enter, then push F1 to enable that cheat

Cheat Effect
cht_bGod God Mode
cht_bGiveAll All Weapons
cht_bRefresh Full Health
cht_bGhost No Clipping
cht_bInvisible Invisibility
cht_bFly Flight Mode
Posted by 롤링다이스

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