Cheat in Network mode:
Hold ALT key and enter iddtiddtiddtiddt in map mode.

Deathmatch cheat mode:
Enter to the Talk mode be pressing T key in the map. Hold ALT and type
iddt several times. This will show the entire map. Re-enter the code
to show all item locations. Reenter the code to go back to normal mode.

Type idclev32 or idclev31 during game play to restart in a totally new level.
When you complete one of those levels you will always start on the level
suburbs and continue your Doom 2 game.

Cheat mode:
While playing the game, type any of the following cheat codes:

Code - Effect
idbeholda - Reveal automap
idbeholdi - Enable Temporary invisibility
idbeholdl - Light amplification visor
idbeholdr - Spawn Anti-radiation suit
idbeholds - Get Berserker strength
idbeholdv - Enable Temporary invincibility
idchoppers - Get a Chainsaw
idclev - Play on eany level
idclip - No clipping mode
iddqd - Invincibility
iddt - Turn on/off full map; Turn on/off full map and objects; restore normal
idfa - Reset ammo
idkfa - Get all weapons, keys, ammo, and 200% armor
idmus - Change music to indicated level
idmypos - Show coordinates and heading

Cheat mode (command line):
Run the game with the following command line parametter:
doom -devparm

Command line parameter - Effect
-wart (1-3) (1-9) - Load PWAD named ExMy.wad
-warp (1-3) (1-9) - Warp to episode (1-3) level (1-9)
-turbo (1-255) - Increases the speed of the marine
-statcopy - Unknown
-skill (1-5) - Start at indicated skill level*
-shdev - Internal development, texture mapping
-right - Set up a network terminal for "right view"*
-respawn - Enemies respawn in non-Nightmare*
-regdev - Internal development, texture mapping
-recordfrom (0-5) (filename) - Record a demo from saved game*
-record (filename without .LMP) - Record demo until you finish or die*
-playdemo (filename without .LMP)  - Play back recorded demo*
-phase - Activate phase shifting on PAS16
-opl3 - Activate stereo music through OPL-3 on PAS16
-nosound - Turn off sound
-nosfx - Turn off sound effects
-nomusic - Turn off background music
-nomouse - Turn off the mouse
-nomonsters - No monsters*
-nojoy - Turn off the joystick
-nodraw - Internal bugging switch
-nodes (1-4) - Starts NetDoom with indicated player amount*
-noblit - Internal bugging switch
-maxdemo - Set maximum size of LMP recording*
-loadgame (0-5) - Starts from indicated saved game*
-left - Set up a network terminal for the "left view"*
-GUS1 - Uses new GUS instrument mapping (default)
-GUS - Uses original GUS instrument mapping
-file (.wad filename) - Use external PWAD file*
-fast - Nightmare mode without respawn*
-episode (1-3) - Start at indicated episode*
-devparm - Developers mode
-debugfile (name) - Dump debug info to debug(name).txt
-deathmatch - Start NetDoom in Deathmatch mode*
-control - Unknown
-config (file name) - Read an alternate configuration file*
-comdev - Internal development, texture mapping
-cdrom - Uses C:\DOOMDATA directory for data
-avg - End the game after twenty minutes
-altdeath - Activates DeathMatch v2.0 (v1.4 and above)
@(filename) - Read in a command line parameter file
-timedemo (filename without .LMP) - Calculates number of times screen
is redrawn during a demo

* - The activate the indcated cheats, you don't have to type the -devparm
in the command line. Most of these parameters can be mixed and matched to
create different effects.

Change music in Doom II:
Type the IDMUS## code where ## is a 2 digit code indicating a song number.
A list of the numerical values for all the Doom II songs follows.

00   INTROA        
01   RUNNIN        
03   COUNTD        
04   BETWEE        
05   DOOM
06   THE_DA        
07   SHAWN         
09   IN_CIT        
10   DEAD          
11   STLKS2
12   THEDA2        
13   DOOM2         
14   DDTBL2
15   RUNNI2        
16   DEAD2         
17   STLKS3
18   ROMERO        
19   SHAWN2        
21   COUNT2        
22   DDTBL3        
23   AMPIE
24   THEDA3        
25   ADRIAN        
26   MESSG2
27   ROMER2        
28   TENSE         
29   SHAWN3
30   OPENIN        
31   EVIL          
33   READ_M        
34   DM2TTL        
35   DM2INT


Level 15:
Type IDCLIP and just walk straight. You'll find a neat warp pentagram soon.

Level 30: IDCLIP yourself straight thru the demon's head. Shoot the
programmer's head on the severed stick to kill the last man. It screams.


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