Tenebrae - Version 1.04 - Readme

System Req.
Tenebrae is not quake1 anymore, it uses more advanced graphics algorithms so it requires a much faster system to run.
These are the bare minimum reqs to run Tenebrae:

PIII 600
64 Mb RAM (More if you want to use some mods.)
Water vissed maps

Recommended is a faster processor and a geforce4 / radeon 8500 class 3d card.

-The following 3d cards should work with tenebrae:
Nvidia: Geforce1, Geforce2, Geforce4 Mx, Geforce3, Geforce4 TI, GeforceFx 5200, 5600, 5900 (5200 may give very bad performance)
Ati: Radeon 7000, 7200, 7500, 8500, 9000, 9700+
Intel: 830M (some others maybe too, they run very slow in the 9 pass arb1 path)

From worst to best per vendor.

Note: There seems to be a driver bug in some detonator drivers (Nvidia) that causes a crash when you are using texture compression.  Disable this if you get a sudden crash during level loading.

-The following cards may work if users submit updated paths. (If you are an user and have the necesarry skills, sign up with sourceforge and I'll add you to the project.)
Matrox Parhelia

-The following cards will NOT work with Tenebrae ever.
ATI Rage Pro
3DFx Voodoo 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and Banshee
Nvidia Riva TNT and Riva TNT2
3D labs Kyro II
Older and even more arcane 3d cards...
Just buy a new card, since they are all very old.

If you downloaded the Installer version, just run it and follow the on screen instructions.
If you downloaded the zip verion, unzip the contents of the zip into the quake directory to install it.  Make sure you unzip ALL files in the archieve and make sure you are using folder info when unzipping. (In winzip check "use folder names")
Then install the vis patch, to download it see the downloads page on the Tenebrae website.  (If you have already applied the vis patch you don't have to apply it again.)
If you have unpacked the tenebrae pack file into the tenebrae directory you should delete those files,otherwise tenebrae will use the old 1.03 files in the directory and not the new 1.04 files (in pak0.pak)
If you don't know how to do this I recommend you just remove the tenebrae subdirectory in your quake directory and reinstall tenebrae.

There is a frontend for tenebrae, this allows you to modify some grapics options for tenebrae by using an easy windows interface.  You can start it by running tenebrae_launcher.exe .
If you are used to quake, you can always run tenebrae.exe directly altrough you will need to set your preferences via the console and the command line parameters.

Technial troubles?
These are some of the troubles lots of people had with previous versions.

S: The water is weird.
A: Install the vis patch (To download it, see website).

Q: How do I change my screen resolution?
A: Use the frontend, if you are against doing things easy use the "-width [resolution]" command line parameter.

More information & contact


New in version 1.04
-Bug Fixes:
 -Doesn't crash anymore when it runs out of memory.  But it becomes
 very slow as it constantly loads the art from disk.
 -Network support fixed
 -New protocol version (less bandwith needed)
 -Connection Timeout timer bug fix
 -Fixed flashlight not removed on disconnect/death
 -e3m3 collision bugs fixed
 -Better normalization on ARB path (Using math instead of a cubemap)
 -Fixed ARB path (radeon 9700 bug)
 -Fixed smoke on ATI cards
 -Tga's with 'invert' flag work (thanks to Lord Havoc)
 -No hud or particles drawn in wireframe mode
 -Lots of other minor things and code cleanups
-New Features:
 -Multi surface md3's (md3's with multiple textues on the same model)
 -Play old quake demo's
 -"Official" misson disk support
 -Unmodified mod support (depending on the mod you can stil
 get certain problems)
 -gl_transformlerp (experimental and buggy, off by default)
 -Better tangent space calculations for meshes, allowing for mirrored
 parts of skins, ... to work properly 

New in version 1.03
-Bug Fixes:
 -double shadow in chase_acitve with sh_playershadow set to 1
 -condebug command line parameter
 -incorrect clipping of models when they are rotated
 -calculation of md3 bounding radius
 -brightness/gamma adjustment
 -alt+tab and minimization errors
 -quake movement bug when looking up/down
 -world clipping in chase_active

-New Major Features:
 -Particle/Decal scripting
 -underwater caustics
 -compressed texture support
 -normal map support
 -texture resample interpolation
 -some more optimizations
 -PNG support for textures
 -ARB_fragment_program path (radeon 9500+ & geforceFX (if nvidia sends us one :D) )
 -Parhelia path (use -forceparhelia since it's hardlocking the machine with current drivers)

-New Minor Features:
 -gl_gloss cvar to control glossmap value
 -spiralling console (activate with con_spiral)
 -clock on console
 -sndchannels game parameter to control sound channels
 -sndspeed game parameter to control sample rate
 -sndbits game parameter to control bits per second
 -pause demos with pausedemo cvar
 -removed pak naming convention
 -nobumpmaps game parameter to disable bumpmaps
 -snd_reversestereo cvar for people with reversed wiring or SB16 sound cards
 -increased pak file limit from 10 to 256
 -Quake3 style timescale cvar
 -windows clipboard pasting to console
 -previous weapon switching (use impulse 12)
 -user directory support (linux)
 -glossmap has to be the same size as normal map (it had to be the same size as color map previously)

New in version 1.02
- Speed optimizations in different places, mainly due to the better caching of volumes and tangent space light vectors.
- Bug fixes, some of the more important ones are:
 -Bug with world tangent space and high resolution textures.
 -Bugs with alias tangent space (total rewrite)
 -Overriden colormaps did not get an autogenerated bumpmap
 -Crash when using high res textures (> 512*512)
 -Crash when shadow volume buffer overflowed (It's now bigger and should not crash anymore)
 -Bug with incorrect GL_CLAMP behaviour on nvidia drivers.
 -Bug resulting in some shadow volumes giving errors.  (e.g. Nailgun)
 -Bug that caused some high resolution modes not to show up when the user had a lot of modes available.
- New features
 -Radeon support (Thanks to Jarno Paananen)
 -Mac port (Thanks to Axel Wefers)
 -Glares (call them what you want, also commonly referred to as Light Blooms)
 -Md3 support
 -Animation interpolation
 -Luminance textures (local light for texture)
 -"Modern" particle engine
 -Uses lights from the original maps (less dark)
 -Player has been given a flash light (use following console command to toggle with z key: bind "impulse 100" z)
 -Flare grenades (Unlimited supply of nonexplosive light giving grenades, use 6 to toggle between grenade/flare)

New in version 1.01
- Added some checks to make things faster.  (Basically not everything was being clipped to the view frustum)

New in version 1.00
- Bumpmapping (and everything that comes with it, texture overriding, bumpmaps, ...)
- Editing capabilities are improved
- Fixed volume generation for alias models
- Fixed world-vertex 0 bug
- Fixed other bugs

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